Tour of Nafplio

Lift Mykonos Transfer unreservedly recommends your excursion to one of the most beautiful cities of the Argolic land and of the whole of Greece, the city of Nafplio – the first capital of the newly formed Greek state from 1823 to 1834. Nafplio is known for Bourtzi, small fortress built on the islet of Agios Theodoros, inside the port. From 1930 the castle was converted into a hotel, which operated until 1970, hosting many personalities. Today, together with Palamidi, it is the trademark of the city of Nafplion. The view from Bourtzi towards the city, with the emblematic Palamidi, is simply magnificent.

Palamidi, the Venetian fortress that dominates the city with its 999 steps raises its imposing volume 216 meters above the city. Deeply marked by history, it seems as if it still protects the city today. The visitor can enjoy the tour of Nafplio with the scenic trains, the visit to Bourtzi with boats leaving the port – during the summer – as well as a romantic walk at sunset, on the beautiful peripheral promenade around Akronafplia. An excursion outside of Athens that will be unforgettable!


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