Mykonos island tour

Mykonos, the «Island of Winds» has been characterized as the most cosmopolitan island in the Aegean Sea.

We commit to your transportation from the most remote hideout to the busiest spots in Mykonos, such as Little Venice, Kato Myloi (Windmills), Matogianna, and even the famous beach of Psarou.
On the island tour, you will find yourself walking together with famous personalities of the sports, arts and politics jet-set. Moreover, we are willing to plan and organize your island tour to the most beautiful, and remote beaches, always in consideration of your discretion and relaxation needs.

We can also undertake your visit to the nearby islets of Reinia, Tragonisi, Chtapodia, where youwill have the chance to see the Mediterranean seal MonachusMonachus, swim in the crystal blue waters and visit magnificent caves.

Our company handles your transportation with extreme confidentiality and safety.
We have the knowledge and experience to take you on an unforgettable tour of the island, should you choose the cosmopolitan aspect or the simple, natural beauty of it.

We can present you our top picks and you can adapt them according to your wish.


  • Mykonos island tour
  • Absolute Confidentiality
  • Excellent knowledge of the island
  • Alternatives
  • Magnificent locations
  • VIPS Holiday Organization
  • Browse the most beautiful beaches
  • Organization of holidays
  • Holiday plan
  • Rent Jet / Yacht

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